Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders:

There are a few variations in anxiety disorders, it’s best to consult with a medical professional to get an accurate diagnosis of the specific anxiety disorder you are afflicted with.



– Agoraphobia: Fearing, and avoiding places or situations that induce feelings of panic, helplessness, embarrassment, or feeling trapped.

– Anxiety caused by another medical condition: symptoms of panic and anxiety, cause by a physical health issue.

– Generalized anxiety disorder(GAD): unwavering anxiety, and worry associated with activities and events, even ordinary day to day tasks. Often coming coupled with another anxiety disorder or depression.

– Panic disorder: Routine, sudden onset feelings of intense fear, and terror (panic attacks.)

– Selective Mutism: being consistently unable to speak in only certain situations, but perfectly fine to speak in others. (I.e. Not speaking at school, but speaking around close friends just fine.)

– Separation Anxiety Disorder: Intense fear particularly in children associated with being away from someone like a guardian, or parent.

– Social anxiety disorder: High levels of fear and anxiousness, causing avoidance of social situations due to concern of feeling judged, viewed negativity, or embarrassed.